Exporting TXT by Sequence

Chris Choi

Posted on 13.11.2015 06:46

I can export text file by Sequence function in Dewesot 7.1.

However, I can only export csv file by Seqeunce in Dewesoft 7.1.1 or higher and X1, X2.

How can I export text file by Sequence? There is 'Text/CSV' in 'Export data' block, but it just export csv.

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 16.11.2015 13:09


unfortunately, it isn't possible to choose between Text and CSV in the sequence.

The workaround is to export the file with the correct specific export settings by hand.

DEWESoft will remember this settings and use them also for the export in sequence for all other data files.

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