Exporting files, change reduced data after a test?

Bret Stiles

Posted on 31.10.2013 22:17
I have DEWEsoft7

I recorded a file that is 30 minutes long with a sampling rate of 100hz
My reduced rate setting was set to .1 hz

however I need the data that I already recorded at 1 hz, not .1hz

Is there a way?  Or am I going to have to go through a lot of MS-excel carnage to get the 1hz that I want?
Bret Stiles

Posted on 31.10.2013 22:34
I used the excel formula ex:   =A1=INT(A1)
then I used the filter button and removed all the FALSE statements

so only whole numbers listed (whole seconds in this case)

Just wondering if DEWE could export custom sample rates lower than the recorded data... would save the extra steps. 

nick arran

Posted on 05.11.2013 12:02

I think that once you've decimated your data down to 0.1Hz, the 100Hz data, and the detail it contained, is lost forever.  You can interpolate back to 1Hz but it won't restore the detail (or the bandwidth).

Matlab would do the interpolation a lot better than excel ... but it isn't cheap.
nick arran

Posted on 10.06.2014 11:56

PS:  Yes reduced rate exports would be a useful feature (eg when you record at 200kS/s but nothing interesting happens above 1kHz)

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