Exporting Combustion Data with Matlab

Michael Rößler

Posted on 06.05.2015 07:06


I'm trying to read the cyclic combustion data (DataType: cycle, Dimension Vector 7200) in matlab with the DWDataReader_v4_1_0_6. Unfortunatly the sample_cnt values for the cyclic channels aren't correct and matlab crashs immediatly when I read the data by using DWGetScaledSamples.

When I manually allocate the time_stamp and data arrays for DWGetScaledSamples I can only get the first 7200 values and rest of the allocated values remain 0.

Is there any way to read those cyclic data with DWDataReader?

I am using the DEWESoft 7.1.3.b394.

The records are clocked external with a crank angle sensor with 7200 clocks per cycle and a pre-trigger is used.

Thanks for your help and kind regards


DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 12.05.2015 07:57


unfortunately, this is not supported in DWData reader but the export of this channels can be done from DEWESoft. 

Open data file, change export to full speed, data to combustion data, and choose export file type. 

Combustion data can be exported as 

  • Degrees (by cycle)
  • Degrees (cont.)
  • Cycles
  • Samples

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