Exporting AvePressure

Maximilian Leimböck

Posted on 02.04.2015 07:28

I have a question about exporting files from DEWEsoft. I´m using version 7.1.1 and there I can export Nr. 41 “Brennraumdruck/Pressure” and Nr. 46 “Brennraumdruck/AvePressure”. 

My question is, how many cycles include the average Value from “AvePressure”. And can I change it to for example the last 10 cycles?!

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 02.04.2015 07:39


there are two different types of averaging that can be enabled. The “Overall average cycles” gives one average vector for the complete measurement. The “Running average cycles” calculates the mean value of the last n cycles. This basic statistics is available for the pressure and for the Additional channels of each cylinder. The result is a vector with the angle as a reference.

The number of running average cycles can be set here:

Here can be downloaded currently the latest manual for combustion analyser: Combustion Analyser Manual

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