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Andrew Richards

Posted on 11.03.2021 16:32

I'm using the Sound Power plugin to perform sound power measurements. I'm using multiple groups along with multiple microphones to achieve a large number of microphone positions than I have microphones (e.g. 16 positions from 4 mics). The test is performed as expected; however, I'd like to export the audio from each microphone position. I only want the specific audio used for the calculation (e.g. the 20 sec I specify in the sound power setup). Currently all audio captured during the whole entire test is exported, so it includes the sound of me turning the DUT on and off and opening and closing the door, etc. I am unable to find any sort of tag or marker in the data which indicates where each of the 32 (16 background, 16 device) 20-sec samples are located within the overall acquisition. It's not in the event log, nor is it in the available variables for export. As such, I'm unable to even manually select the proper sections for a manual export (which I'd like to avoid anyway, given I'd have to do it 32 times). Any advice?

I'm attaching a screenshot from an example run. Somewhere in the time series are the 32 sections of audio (20 seconds each) which the plugin used to perform the calculation. The start of each capture should correspond to when the big green button was selected ("Acquire background (K1)" in the screenshot), however I cannot locate this event or value in the stored data. I'm a beginner with Dewesoft, so maybe there's some additional setup I need to perform?

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Jernej Sirk
NVH Application Engineer
Posted on 18.03.2021 11:35

Dear Andrew.

with the current functionality, the export of the audio files is only possible if you manually zoom into the selected region (in recorder visual control).

Sound power plugin has an internal triggers and these triggers (events) are not seen in the general recorder.

Maybe this is also something that we should improve in the future, to make the described procedure easier.

Best regards,

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