Export to FlexPro

User Question

Posted on 03.08.2015 10:37

How to export to Flexpro from Dewesoft if Flexpro is not installed on the system?

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 03.08.2015 12:48

If FlexPro is not installed, following error will appear:

To resolve this problem here are the options:

  1. Installation using the FlexPro setup program:
  • Launch FlexPro Setup.exe
  • On the Setup Type page of the installation wizard, select Custom and select the “FPAccess Interface” only.

2. Manual installation:

  • Copy the files FPAccess.dll, FPAccessResources.dll and FPProxyStub.dll from the FlexPro installation folder to DEWESoft bin folder.

  • Create subfolder called ENU under this folder and then move the file FPAccessResources.dll to it.

  • Run the following two command lines under Start | Run in the order specified:
  • regsvr32[path]\FPAccess.dll
  • regsvr32[path]\FPProxyStub.dll


regsvr32 C:\DEWESoft\Bin\X2\FPAccess.dll

regsvr32 C:\DEWESoft\Bin\X2\FPProxyStub.dll