Export to excel template (xltm file) limits data rows to 64K - (SP8 fix?)

Rick Emerling

Posted on 19.04.2017 17:28

When I export data to a macro-enabled excel template from SP8, datasets greater than 64K will be broken up on multiple sheets (Data1, Data1-1, Data1-2, etc). I thought this was fixed in SP8? I'm using excel 2013, which can handle 1024K rows per sheet. Maybe my xps file is the problem? It's pasted below.

By the way, I'm not sure what the DatabaseNameNew field does, can you explain ?

Description=EL CL Freq Response

Rick Emerling

Posted on 19.04.2017 18:20

A little more info for you about this, maybe helpful, maybe not: when the export is complete, excel opens with the extension showing as .xls

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 20.04.2017 08:24


yes, this has been fixed as we've discussed in our previous conversation. There is an issue with you XPS file which is causing the data to be exported in different tabs.

The "DatabaseName" specifies the name of the template to be used if you have an older version of Excel on your PC, while "DatabaseNameNew" specifies the name of the template to be used in combination with a newer version of Excel.

For your case, you should make the following adjustment: "DatabaseNameNew=Freq_Resp.xltm". This will make sure that Excel uses the new template and therefore more data will be stacked on a single tab.

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