Export data recorded with Dewesoft 7.1.3 by using Dewesoft X2

Alex Nossenko

Posted on 20.02.2017 13:33


I tried to export data which was recorded with Dewesoft 7.1.3 by using Dewesoft X2, but there are some issues and the result seems to be not the same. Using similar export properties for *.txt files, I am getting not the same export. Are there any known differences between Dewesoft 7 and Dewesoft X2 export?

Thanks in advance for your help!

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 23.02.2017 10:38


there have been some changes to the export, but those are mainly in the form of additional features (export options). When you say that you're not getting the same result, do you mean that in terms of the actual data (values) or just a different export format/style? The data should, of course, remain the same.

If it's by any chance possible, could you maybe share a bit of the data with us (can be uploaded to the private forum) and point out exactly where you're seeing the difference? It's hard to say what could be wrong solely based on your description.

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