Editing channel setup on computer without DAQ-card

Joacim Rådstam

Posted on 31.05.2012 08:45
Hi I'm using Dewesoft 7 on a Dewetron system with 96 channels. I know the complete channel setup can be exported to XML and then edited on a another computer and then uploaded to the measurement system. This is great when the Dewetron is located far away or not easily accessed. However it's quite a tedious job to scroll through the big XML-file to make adjustments to the setup and sometimes it can be very difficult to enter the correct code for a specific property to be adjusted. I've tried a dedicated XML-editor that makes the editing easier but it's not that useful. Is there some software available, similar to the Dewesoft channel setup tab, that can be used for editing these files off the measurement system? If not, maybe you should consider this for future development. Regards, Joacim
Marjan Grilj

Posted on 19.06.2012 11:41
Hello Joacim, We are developing new version of Dewesoft (for Dewesoft hardware) that will handle channel setup with much greater flexibility... Best regards, Marjan Grilj, Dewesoft support.
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