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Helmut O'Brian

Posted on 24.06.2017 17:21

Hi Slovenia,

We use DEWESoft X2 SP8 (build 18).

I have a question about a behavior I have seen in DEWESoft.

When I am recording data (with a trigger armed before), a DXD file is created with a particular name.

We have a test case where we disconnect the LAN cable that is plugged in the ECAT Sync Junction while recording.

When we plug back the connector, the connection is newly established but the original DXD file is deleted and another one is created (with a new name).

Why is the original file deleted ? How can we get access to the data before the connection is lost ? Is this the expected behavior ? Is there a way to get the original data before the connection is lost ?

Thanks for your answer !

Have a nice day !

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 27.06.2017 14:06


I've tested this and I don't see the same behavior even when using SP8. I think that what should happen in a case like this is that DEWESoft should either continue storing data to the same file or mark this file as ".lost" and continue with a new file. The already recorded data shouldn't get deleted.

To try to see the same behavior I would need to get some more details about your configuration. As always, the easiest would be to send me a setup file (private forum or support@dewesoft.com) since I can read all of the relevant information from it myself. If not, I'd like to know which devices you're using (I'm guessing that you have some USB and EtherCAT since you have a junction), how the synchronization is set up, the configuration of your storing,...

Since you mentioned that you have trigger, you're probably either storing fast on trigger or fast on trigger slow otherwise. At the time of the disconnect, is the data being stored, or is DEWESoft just waiting for a trigger, not storing?

Thanks for the additional information.

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