DS-NET channel set up

Ram prasad

Posted on 04.03.2011 10:41
How to copy the channel settings from one channel to all other channels while using DS NET hardware?
Sašo Piskar
Senior Software Engineer
Posted on 04.03.2011 10:58
Hello, currently this is not available. However we will add it to wish list and will implement it in some future version of DSNET plugin. Since DS NET hardware practically has 2 setups: - one is trough config mode where you set settings directly on module and is storred also in hardware - second is normal Dewesoft channel setting (measure mode) where would you like to do copying of channel settings? Best Regards, Sašo
Ram prasad

Posted on 05.03.2011 06:20
Hello, Thanks for your reply.. we are using 2 modules of V8-B.sensitivity values are same for all 16 channels..we are trying to copy and paste the channel settings..is not possible?right click [color=blue]copy and paste to all[/color] option is not there?? Regards Ram
Dejan Cencelj

Posted on 07.03.2011 07:22
Hello, [b]copy and paste to all[/b] feature is not implemeted yet but will be in some future release. Best R Dejan
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