Kevin Read

Posted on 05.03.2018 16:34


I recently started to use the DS-IMU 1 for some testing and i noticed that the data in the excel spread sheets do not match the actually cordinates that the GPS shows on the screen. I will attach my file with the data for you to view.

Am i missing a setting or some type of conversion that needs to be done on the data to get the actual latitude and longitude to be displaced instead of a whole number as in the data thats in my spreadsheet

Urban Baš
Software Test Engineer I
Posted on 06.03.2018 10:08


is this your first coordinate: 33.34257263964811813 , -111.9701327944084142 ?

Dewesoft exports latitude and longitude in minutes so that's why the numbers in Excel are whole and you have to divide this numbers by 60 to get the results in degrees.

Kevin Read

Posted on 06.03.2018 14:08

Thank you.

We kept digging thru the forums and found another post with someone having the same issues and we were able to figure it out with that one. But yes the coordinates are correct :) thank you again.

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