Display issues in both Acquisition and Analysis mode

Chris Ludlow

Posted on 04.01.2016 17:43

Using Dewesoft X2 SP5 RC27

Whether I am in acquisition mode or Analysis mode, our wave form display constantly change to this "Filled in blob" look after about 10 seconds of playback. This happens on several different PCs. Is there a known cause of this? Is there a way to fix or adjust it? See attached screen shots.

The Start "image" looks normal, then after a while all displays change to the overfilled, blob view which I called "Glitch"

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 05.01.2016 11:46


this happens when the buffer changes from direct to intermediate.

Unfortunately, it can't be adjusted when the buffer will change, but it is possible to increase the static acquisition rate.

This will increase the resolution of displays.

Chris Ludlow

Posted on 29.06.2016 16:29

Ok, I need to address this issue again because the buffer changing to intermediate mode and causing this "Blob" affect on screen is just unacceptable for what we do. Is there a way to force the buffer to never switch out of direct mode? We realize performance may be an issue. This "Static Acquisition Rate" setting you showed us seems to have no effect when we change it.

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