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Karansinh Kurane

Posted on 30.05.2024 18:33


I am using a pulse type flowmeter on counter channel of Dewe43A.

I want to add a math function to this channel.

Formula I am using is:

{ Raw count (n+1) - Raw count (n) / time (n+1) - time(n) } * 424.05.

Nejc Ucman

Posted on 03.06.2024 09:22

Dear Karansinh Kurane,

I understand you are trying to add a formula and perform a calculation. Do you have any particular problem that is giving you issues?

If you want to analyze and calculate data on each individual sample, you can use the ".data" function. For example, if you want to average the current and previous sample you can use a formula: 'AI 2'.data(0)*0.5+'AI 2'.data(-1)*0.5. In this case, data(0) is the current sample of the channel and data(-1) is the previous sample.

Best regards,

Nejc Ucman,

Customer Support Engineer

Karansinh Kurane

Posted on 07.06.2024 19:08

Hello Nejc,

Which syntax/ function should I use to create time math function --> time(n+1)-time(n)?

Nejc Ucman

Posted on 10.06.2024 09:13

Dear Karansinh,

to answer your question, to calculate time between two samples of your asynchronous channel you can use this solution:

Calculating time between two asynchronous samples

Then maybe you can multiply this with 424,05 to get your value?

If you want, you can share your datafile with me and explain a bit more what you want to achieve and what exactly are you having issues with? Maybe this way I can understand the problem better.

Best regards.

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