Dewesoft X1SP3 hangs on startup

Alexander Puchmayr

Posted on 08.01.2014 14:28
Hi there,

after installing Dewesoft X1 SP3, I am no longer able to start dewesoft. It hangs during the spash screen, click into splash logo makes dewesoft crash (Windows "Programm stopped working ... ")
Does anyone have an idea where to look for further information? Can I start dewesoft with some kind of /debug option?

Best regards

Marjan Grilj

Posted on 09.01.2014 07:05
Hello Alex,

Looks like installation didn't finish properly, maybe some other application prevented it or installation file was corrupted... I would try uninstall / install with newly downloaded version. If that doesn't help, let me know ( support at ) and we'll check for additional problems. Maybe fastest if TeamViewer session is an option...

Best regards
Alexander Puchmayr

Posted on 09.01.2014 08:15
Thanks for the answer.

I just re-downloaded the installer file, got exactly the same binary.

md5sum shows:
464c3b603b86b95d487ff4e9d0eec6a8 *DEWESoft_FULL_X1_SP3.exe

Further observations:
Desesoft X1SP1 works fine.
When installing SP3 over SP1, installer aborts because it finds a previous version. I have to remove SP1 entirely before I can install SP3. Then the installation goes smoothly without any problem.
I checked versions (Windows software manager, "Programs and features": SP1 shows as version 7.1.1, SP3 as 7.1.3
After a reboot, SP3 works exactly one time. After exiting and restarting dewesoft SP3, it hangs. After a reboot, it works again for one time.

Best regards

Marjan Grilj

Posted on 09.01.2014 08:44
You can check Device Manager if Dewesoft.exe is still running when you exit it.
Alexander Puchmayr

Posted on 09.01.2014 08:52
"Device Manager" ???
If you mean Task Manager, i cannot see any dewe related processes or services

Marjan Grilj

Posted on 09.01.2014 09:03
Yes, Task Manager. Ok, is it possible to connect via TeamViewer to check? Please send me info to mail.
Alexander Puchmayr

Posted on 09.01.2014 09:30
Sorry, Teamviewer is not an option.

Marjan Grilj

Posted on 09.01.2014 10:06
Then we would need everything to find / reproduce the problem here. Is any hardware connected? Is this on laptop or any special device? Can you send project file and setup7.ini from Dewesoft System folder?
Alexander Puchmayr

Posted on 10.01.2014 07:06
Its a laptop with no special hardware (just mouse and keyboard) attached.

Did you get my email sent to administrator .at. dewesoft .dot. com (Reply to the mail I got) ??

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