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thomas davidson

Posted on 10.12.2014 13:26


I am trying to open some existing data files in order to compare data captured with a DS-Net system with older stuff from a Yokogawa DL850.

Whatever format I try, they don't seem to show up in the data load window and neither the forums or the help file list the supported file types.

Any help?

thanks in advance,

Tom Davidson

Rotating Plant & Dynamics Engineer

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 07.01.2015 14:08


DEWESoft uses (.dxd, .d7d) format but can also import (.txt) data file. 

To import .txt data file, needs to be downloaded, unzipped and copied into ":\DEWESoft7\Bin\V7_1\Addons" folder.

okan yücel

Posted on 27.05.2016 14:05


When I want to import *.txt I have problem likethe picture below. Could you help?

Attached files:
Jay Parkinson

Posted on 20.10.2017 21:42

I've placed the TxtImport.imp file in the Addons folder per the instructions from Technical Support, but I'm still unable to load .txt files into Dewesoft. When I try to load a .txt file from the setup tab, the only file types available from pull down menu next to file name are *.dsd type files. I'm using a Demo version of the software, Dewesoft 7.1.1 (build 312). Does the demo version not have .txt file import capability?

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