Dewesoft X SP1 .... any chance of a manual?

nick arran

Posted on 03.10.2013 11:50
I notice that the manual packaged with Dewesoft X is the manual for Dewesoft 7.0.3.    Any chance of an update?  There are all kinds of new things in X that I don't fully understand.  Thanks
Marjan Grilj

Posted on 04.10.2013 06:12
Hi Nick,

X is still in heavy development; functions and UI changes daily, so manual would be quickly outdated. Current manual still mostly applies for X also, while some new functions are described separately under "How-To Guides" section on our web site. Also we give help on "new things" in X via support mail at any time.

Best regards

nick arran

Posted on 04.10.2013 17:09
OK. Fair enough.

Should we really be using dewesoft-X for serious data acquisition at this stage, or just for interest?

Jure Knez
President & cofounder
Posted on 04.10.2013 19:31
If you have Dewesoft instruments, Dewesoft X is the right way to go and it will be our main stream version in the future. We just released the X1SP2 which has many great new features and with new automatic test routines (created with built-in sequencer) it is by far the most tested version ever.

Dewesoft X is used daily by virtually all our customers and from the feedback the time spent in making these routines paid off. The manual for X is not yet available, because as Marjan wrote we are implementing new features and new hardware with a very high dynamic.

The use of Dewesoft X should be straight forward and we would be very interested to hear where you yet stuck to improve it. We can arrange online session to present and discuss the new features of X. For start we made a short video which explains the basics (you can see that on our web page).
nick arran

Posted on 14.10.2013 21:21
SP2 is installed and in use!  No problems just a few things changed since 7.0.x:  For now a couple of questions about the analogue setup screen:

1)  where is the "cal" option in dewesoft X .... I have some DC current sensors that need zeroing before each test, In 7.0.x and 7.1 there is an auto option in the "cal" column which pops up a button in the measurement screen.  Really useful.  But I can't find the equivalent in Dewesoft X.

2) . what does the "filter column" and the "set filter to 40% of sample rate" option do?  With  sample rate set to 20kS/s, hitting the "40% of sample rate" button claims to insert a 10kHz LP filter (with fs = 10kS/s it sets a 3kHz filter).  With a dewe-43 and a sig. gen connected, I can see this filtering makes no difference (the anti-alias filter is adjusted to the correct frequency anyway) .. and how can a 3kHz LP filter be running with a 10kS/s sample rate?  I wonder if this is a hardware function available on a Sirius that appears even when a 43 is connected.  Any ideas?

Marjan Grilj

Posted on 15.10.2013 13:56
1) In Dewesoft X, there are multiple columns that you can add: Right click on any column name > 'Edit columns', add 'Zero' and 'Group' column. Under Group, you can now assign channels to particular group. This gives the option to perform zeroing in measure mode.

You can also check online App note on Bridge operations where Group operations are explained on practical example:

2) Adding 'LP filter' and 'HP filter' columns, you get option to change this properties (named "Lowpass filter" and "Coupling" inside setup of the channel) to any number of channels at the same time. Mouse drag will select multiple channels and give option to change all at the same time!

'Set filter to 40% of SR' will apply nearest possible filter. This option was designed mainly for Sirius-HS (SR=1MHz), where any cutoff frequency with up to 8th pole filter can be chosen to have alias free sampling even the ADC is SAR type. For other DAQs (43, dual core Sirius) this option makes no big difference since they have already sigma delta alias free sampling.
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