Dewesoft X files and Dewesoft 7.0.X : warning

nick arran

Posted on 03.06.2013 12:10
Recently we recorded a batch of data using dewesoft X1  (always keen to use the latest version!);  some of our engineers then tried viewing the files in dewesoft 7.0.5.  The files open up just fine. BUT the scaling of analogue channels is incorrect.  And it's only the original analogue channels that are incorrectly scaled, not math channels derived from those analogue channels.


Marjan1 Grilj
Posted on 03.06.2013 12:23
Hello Nick,

Your finding is true. Note that older version of Dewesoft does not support entirely datafiles created with newer version of Dewesoft. In release version we should prevent opening newer datafiles or integrate sort of warning for user.

Best regards,
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