Dewesoft X 'Apply action'

Matt Green

Posted on 10.12.2014 15:00


Is there any documentation for the 'Apply action' feature in Dewesoft X sp4?

In particular I would like to export a single channel from multiple files, without having to open each file individually and select the channel.

Is this what 'Apply action' -> 'Exported channels' is for?



nick arran

Posted on 06.01.2015 09:28

"Apply action" is more for applying the settings of one file to another (ie you want to apply the same screen display or the same post maths).

To export one channel from multiple files use "Multifile export" instead.  

Select multiple files, click "Multifile export", then when (if!) a popup window appears, select which channels you want to export.  The problem with this command is that all the files you select must have exactly the same channels and base sample rate ... if they don't then the channel selection window doesn't pop up ..... and there is no indication why it hasn't done so.

I presume that the "exported channels" option in "apply action" should let us apply the list of channels to be exported from one file to several other files..... but I can't make it work!

Manuals for these new functions would certainly be nice to have :-)

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 06.01.2015 11:31


unfortunately there is no documentation about apply action. 

This function uses reference data file to apply: 

- offline math and displays 

- header data

- averages and offsets

- exported channels (This function will apply which channels will be exported and which not. It will not export files but only prepare them.) 

to the selected files.

To export single channel from multiple files I suggest using "Multifile export" function.

1. select the data files

2. click Multifile export

3. select to which file and which channels will be exported and press "export"