Dewesoft on tablet

Rudi Stolk

Posted on 09.10.2015 12:26


For demonstration purposes I would like to run Dewesoft on a tablet, with a DEWE43 connected. Is this possible? I have seen the option of remote desktopping with a tablet, but would like to know if hardware can be directly connected to a tablet.



nick arran

Posted on 27.10.2015 09:52

Sadly there is no Android version of dewesoft (yet), but if your tablet is running windows, why not.

You probably need an MS Surface Pro to do it on tho .... a surface pro 3 plus a dewe-43 is something I keep thinking would make a great portable analysis combination ... then remember the limited battery life and storage capacity of the surface!

Joseph Budden

Posted on 23.10.2017 15:41

Has there been any update on Dewesoft for Android since this 2015 post?

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