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Kara Burgess

Posted on 10.04.2018 18:32

Hello - I have starting using the Dewesoft Reporting tool, and I am having some difficulty understanding the ChData Sheet. I am assuming that the template pulls all of the channel data, however I am not able to pull in the full speed data. Also, the data is not making sense. The time starts at -1. however the full data is from 0 to 2 seconds. Any advice?

Kara Burgess

Posted on 10.04.2018 20:00

Ok, I think I figured out the time offset. But the values that it pulls up for the chData do not match the values in the raw data. For example through the whole 2 sec file, the chData is showing the same value for a channel that has a max/min of 1000 N. I am thinking it has something to do with the triggers?

Thanks in advance for you support.

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 23.04.2018 09:01


would it be possible to get the same data that you're looking at? If it's classified, than you can upload it to the private section of our forum. I know that there's a problem with the compatibility of newer data files with the DER plugin which hasn't been resolved yet, but that usually causes Excel to crash, rather than reading incorrect data.

Phillip Neir

Posted on 24.04.2018 14:47


Kara is out of the office. I am a co-worker trying to help out. We have had mixed results with the reporting tool. Only some channels are written correctly. Others seem to be incorrectly scaled. Seemingly with the wrong slope or a slope of zero. I don't have the original data mentioned previously. However, I have attached a zip file with two tests that demonstrate the problem.

The first was a triggered acquisition with a sine wave, a triangle wave, and two math channels based on the two analog inputs. The Reporting Tool did not write all channels correctly. The analog channels are 1V waveforms, but they show in the spreadsheet as 0.25V and 0.2V. The math channels appear to be correct.

The second test was a quick test run with two bridge channels with a 1sec shunt cal. The Reporting Tool reported data with no amplitude. The odd thing is, AI A-1 shows a value around -517. There is no measurement in the actual data with that value.

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