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Tyler Onkst

Posted on 08.10.2018 16:38

Is there a way in dewesoft to save an analysis template that you can apply to other files? For example, I'm recording multiple files of vibration data and I realize after recording that I'd like to have a display in the "Review" tab that shows waterfall plots and overall RMS plots in a certain format (say x,y,z waterfalls up at the top and overall levels at the bottom). Since I've already recorded all my test data do I have to go back and create a new display in each file that looks how I want it to or can I save a display template and apply it to all the files so that I'm not remaking my display each time?


DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 09.10.2018 13:09

Dear Tyler

you can use function "Load display and offline math" in the data file or "Apply action" before you open a data file.


Tyler Onkst

Posted on 09.10.2018 15:08

That is exactly what I needed, thanks!

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