Dewesoft 7 File Export - Text Format - Data Drop Out

Ramon Encinas

Posted on 29.02.2012 21:02
When exporting a file in Dewesoft 7, the Text (*.txt) export file type creates a file with data drop outs scattered throughout (random spots). Exporting the same file using other file types (.mat, FlexPro) do not have an issue. Please help.
Marjan Grilj

Posted on 07.03.2012 07:25
Hello Ramon, Is it possible to send data file (.d7d) to our support mail (support at dewesoft org) , so we can check what could be the problem?
Ramon Encinas

Posted on 09.03.2012 20:20
Hi Marjan. The data file in .d7d format has no data drop outs, its only when exported in the "Text (*.txt)" format. I will send a file today, attention to Marjan Grilj.
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