dewesoft 7.0.1

edwin antony

Posted on 26.10.2010 08:07
can i add two channel (suppose i measured two strain value from steering ) after the acquisition i had already been finished.
Dewesoft Support

Posted on 29.10.2010 13:42
No you cannot add additional channels into finished acquisition. It is possible to add it into setup file nad make new acquisition. In case you were storing it into data file you also need do store it again in new file. Best regards! Uros
Dewe Tron

Posted on 20.11.2010 02:29
Edwin - maybe you meant ADD TWO channels (sum them) after recording. This is possible using the math channels in 7.x version. Load the data file then select OFF-LINE MATH, then you can use a formala math channel to create new channels based on existing channels. For example, adding two channels together, or finding the difference, or running some statistics, or filtering some channels... there are dozens of possibilities. This was not possible until 7.0, but now it is a great feature of Dewesoft 7.x
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