Dewesoft 6.6.8 to dewesoft X1 export error

nick arran

Posted on 10.06.2014 12:05

... I think I reported this bug with a previous combination of dewesoft 6 & 7 ..... but it's back!

when you export from dewesoft 6.6.8 to dewesoft X1 SP3 or SP4 (and previous versions probably), the scale factors of the data are corrupted.   EG

Current peaking at 829A is recorded using a 5V range and a scaling factor of 2kA/V.  The dewesoft 6.6.8 screen shows 829A max current.  The file is then exported to dewesoft X.  When loaded into dewesoft X SP4 and displayed on a "recorder" axis, the peak current is now 88996808A.

The setup information (including Min and Max) are correct. But the scaling of all the displays is wrong.

Marjan Grilj

Posted on 10.06.2014 13:04


Can you send example .dsd data file that shows such behavior?

nick arran

Posted on 23.10.2015 10:36

This is still unresolved int he latest versions it seems.

I have a bunch of dewesoft 6 (*.dsd) files that I want to process in dewesoft X-2.

They export to d7d format but when read into dewesoft x1 SP7 or dewesoft x2 SP4 the scaling is incorrect.

I've attached a bit of original file and a bit of converted file FYI.


Attached files:
nick arran

Posted on 23.10.2015 13:03

... just to clarify. The problem is with dsd files recorded using an older version of dewesoft 6 (6.6.4). If I make the recording in dewesoft 6.6.8 it exports just fine.

As 6.6.8 can read 6.6.4 files without any problem .. it's very odd that it can't then export them properly.

A nice thing to have would be a dewesoft 6 to X2 conversion routine that I could use to move all my files into the new format ;¬)

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