Data Reader Library can read "dsd" files from DEWESoft 6.6.7

Andrew Roscoe

Posted on 25.03.2019 12:47

I have 4 DEWEtron units running DEWESoft v6.6.7. I probably have the option of upgrading to 7.1.1, but I do not know if I can go further than that, since DEWEtron and DEWESoft seem to be different companies with different websites. I'm guessing that the X.1-X.3 software isn't available to me.

I am investigating using the Data Reader DLL so I can read the DEWE files directly, since the exported MATLAB-format files are 2.5-3x the size.

Can the Data Reader LIbrary be used to read files from 6.6.7 (dsd files) or whatever files that DEWESoft 7.7.1 creates? I'm guessing not, because the download says "library for reading .d7d, .dxd, .d7z and .dxz files", but? I have "dsd" files.

Is it worth me upgrading to 7.1.1 on the DEWEtron's? Will that create "d7d" files? I can't tell from the (scant) v7 documentation available. I can install v7.1.1 on my laptop but it can't read the "dsd" files from the DEWEtrons running 6.6.7.

Aljaž Kropivšek
Senior Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 12.05.2019 19:40

In Dewesoft 6.6.7 there is an option to export .dsd files into Dewesoft 7 format .d7d, which you can then import into Matlab using DWDataReader library.

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