Data Lost Errors

Rick Steel

Posted on 01.03.2018 10:17


I have an issue with data lost errors, that i am hoping someone could help me with. My configuration is:

Software: Dewesoft X2 SP10 (Build 19) with a Professional licence, running on Windows 10 (Build 15063) 64-bit

Hardware: Dewesoft SIRIUS i

It is set-up to monitor multiple channels at 100 kS/s.

However, occasionally (but quit often and in a random nature), it throws up 'Data Lost Errors'. The amount of data lost appears to be quite small, possibly just a few samples, as most of the data i am expecting to see is still available in a .lost.dxd file, but this is not ideal.

I believe the data lost could be due to Windows 10 processes running in the background and taking CPU and disk resources away from the Dewesoft application.

So, my questions are:

1. What is the general extent of a data lost error?

2. Are there any known issues regarding data lost errors when running with Windows 10?

Thank you,


DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 15.03.2018 14:22


firstly, I am sorry for the 2 weeks delay in our response. Generally speaking, data lost errors shouldn't happen unless there are some circumstances out of DEWESoft's control, meaning a physical USB disconnect or a power loss of the device.

Usually a software/firmware upgrade helps with improving the general performance. If you want to stick with DEWESoft X2, then you can try updating to b21, which I believe is the last official X2 version. As for firmware, just download the package here and upgrade your device through the software's UI. You should disconnect the device after the upgrade is complete.

If you'll still experience issues after that, then I'd really like to see your setup or data file. With that I can extract most of the relevant information and try running an equivalent test on my end to see if the issue is recurring.

Rick Steel

Posted on 03.04.2018 12:53


Thanks for your reply. When I run Dewesoft X2 b18 and store the captured data directly to an external hard-drive, the amount of data lost errors experienced are greatly reduced.

However, as per your suggestion, i would still like to upgrade the system to the latest software and firmware.

Software first - when i run the Dewesoft.exe file from the b21 download package, it complains that it can't find d3dx9_33.dll and libgcc_s_ssjlj-1.dll. These two missing files are present in the C:/DEWESoft/bin directory of b18. So, i tried copy/pasting them into the b21 update directory. When I then ran the b21 Dewesoft.exe, the software opened but with a critical start-up error "loading dsp external module".

I could try uninstalling b18 and then running the b21 .exe but i'm reluctant to remove b18 without some assurance the b21 is going to install correctly. I don't want to be left with no Dewesoft X2 at all on this machine!

Firmware - i haven't attempted to update yet. Hoping to get the software up to date first.

Thanks again for your help so far.


Rick Steel

Posted on 03.04.2018 13:11

Correction - when i refer to b18 i mean b19 (Build 19)

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