CPAD Plugin Issues (After laptop restart the CAN channel no longer recognises the CPAD).

Chris Games

Posted on 28.01.2016 08:05

Hi Guys,

I am writing this to see if it is a problem that anyone else has come across.

After completing my set-up file with several CAN channels, it seems that when the laptop is restarted it forgets the CPAD plugin for that particular CAN channel. Once the plugin is selected, it then shows all the channel names without issue.

This has caused some issues in regards to missing data when the issue was not recognised immediately and I was wondering if anyone else has came across this problem and what they did to rectify it.


Chris Games

Posted on 03.02.2016 14:56

Thanks for your help, have you heard of any other ways of rectifying this issue, or is it inherent in all the CPAD software?

Kind regards,


DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 08.02.2016 09:47

Hi Chris,

the CPAD is a CAN plugin in DEWESoft.

Unfortunately, this plugin can't be enabled with setup file but it is saved in project file.

I would suggest creating a project file, which is then used with the setup file.

All that needs to be done is to add project when the setup is created and CAN plugin enabled.

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