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A Sam

Posted on 17.11.2016 14:19

Hi there,

The counter tutorial shows that the setup sample rate is at least 1kHz. Is this value setup in "Dynamic acquisition rate " drop down list ? I assumed that the counter did not require a sample rate setting, and individual analog channels have there own sampling rate selection box.

I am using the counter input to measure the wheel speed signal of train that can go up 4kHz depending on the train speed, so I will have to choose at least the 10000Hz option to make sure my counter value is right ? The odd thing is that I have had my "Dynamic acquisition rate" set at 100Hz all this time and I didn't notice any issue with the counter value.

Please clarify.

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 18.11.2016 12:02


yes, this value is the same as the dynamic acquisition rate. It determines the sample rate with which counter and AI channels (except the ones with sample rate dividers) will be stored.

If your input signal's frequencies go up to 4 kHz, then you should set your dynamic acquisition rate to around 10 kHz, like you've said. The reason that you're able to see correct counting is because DEWESoft's super-counters work on a 102.4 MHz internal time base, always, independent of the current sample rate. This means that the counters will always be able to correctly read events, but you won't be able to see all of the actual pulses with which the event count is calculated in the measurement or analysis mode.

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