Controlling a motor

Jean Le Besnerais

Posted on 11.05.2015 17:15

Has anybody already controlled an electrical machine (DC or AC) using Dewesoft ? We would like for instance to make some variable speed control of a small servomotor (make it run from 0 to 500 rpm in 10s for instance).
Thank you for sharing your experience.

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 28.05.2015 16:09


can I also ask what type of signal is required to control this servo motor?

Jean LB

Posted on 28.05.2015 16:16


For AC motors we only need to generate three phase voltage waveforms generated by PWM, which looks like this:

The current limit and voltage limit of the output ports of the Dewetron will limit the motor power and torque.

The application can be for instance to control a variable speed motor and make vibration measurements (as did Lucka Lenic during the Dewesoft conference on rotating machine analysis, but she controlled the motor by hand).

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 28.05.2015 16:22


directly, Sirius analog outputs can't provide that high current.
This application would require frequency inverter, they usually have 10V analog input for speed control.

When controlling inductive loads such as motors, there should be some galvanic isolation.

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