Continuously save reference curve in a repeat sequence

Derek Demuth

Posted on 16.01.2018 17:09

I have references curves in a sequencer set to repeat 100 times. I have been playing with storing settings and manipulating my return sequence loop, but I cannot figure out how to save my analog inputs into a single file. Each return loop begins a new file.

I have 3 digital outs and 3 analog inputs, watching all 6 in my analysis. My return loop is 'load setup', 'start storing', 'delay', 'stop', 'return'.

Thank you in advance. Dewesoft 7.1.1 on a dewetron

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 22.01.2018 13:45


DEWESoft doesn't allow you to append data files. Once you stop storing, that brings the current data file to a close, and a new storing session will create a different file.

If you want to stop storing, then you'll need to deal with multiple files. We unfortunately don't have any way of restarting the reference curve at the moment. The only way for you to view all of the data at the same time would be to export it to a different tool and merge the data there.

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