Changing Setup file without hardware

Tim Elsenbroich

Posted on 19.07.2016 16:22

We have a customer in the field that has a DwewSoft (DS-43A) daq system. The program on the system needs to change, but we do not have a DEWEsoft system here, so when we load the program that needs to change we get errors ("loaded MeasuredValue(VOLTAGE) not supported, all further properties ignored" - see attached Errors.pdf). I have tried to clear the errors, make the changes and send them to the customer, but then the customer gets the same errors when trying to load the updated setup file. Is there a way to make changes in DEWEsoft (X1-SP5) without the hardware and then install it on a system with the proper DEWEsoft hardware and not get errors?

Thank you.

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Anže Baš
Software Test Engineer I
Posted on 22.07.2016 07:17

Dear Tim,

these errors just indicate that the inputs on your computer without hardware don't match with the ones with hardware. It isn't a big error. You can open the setup in simulation mode and set the inputs to match the ones you use with the hardware. To do this you need to right click on the amplifier name and click on offline setup. A pop-up like in the attached picture should appear and here you select the inputs of your device. You can than freely edit and save the setup, but once you reopen the setup with the hardware, the errors will appear again, because the serial numbers of the input modules aren't the same, but you can ignore that and re-save the setup. After that reopening the setup should not show any more errors. You can recheck the settings, but they should have stayed the same.

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Tim Elsenbroich

Posted on 22.07.2016 20:36

Thank you for your help. I will try this the next time I connect to the system.

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