Cannot "Lock User Access" securely

A Sam

Posted on 02.06.2016 14:45


I am trying to lock my setup and sequencer file under the project which requires,

Enabling "Lock Settings - Use Admin password for entering settings" option for entering project settings, and

Adding a second password for "Lock user access" for protecting setup/sequencer files .

But when I enable the first option it does not let the user leave the project file without entering the "Lock Settings" password. So the user needs to know this password to conduct any other projects with the Dewesoft. The issue is if I give this password the user can easily go into settings and disable the "Lock user access" password without having to enter it once.

Is there a way to only lock one specific project (or just the setup and sequencer file) .

I am using Dewesoft X2 Version SP7RC30.


DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 06.06.2016 05:38


there are currently no security options that would allow switching between projects without an admin password. There'd have to be another option in the settings which would give the user the permission to switch between projects. I've added your request to the wishlist, and will notify you as soon as there are any developtments.

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 09.06.2016 06:41


one of our developers has added the feature that you've requested. You will now be able to choose the option "Allow users to select a different project" in the security settings. If this option is selected and the user wants to switch between projects, he will no longer have to enter the administrative password, but rather the user access password.

The update should become available online in a couple of days in the new SP7 release.

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