Can't analyze video with frame rates higher han 100fps (DS-600)

Robert Bailey

Posted on 12.03.2018 21:31

We've run across an interesting issue recently when recording frame rates higher than 100 fps with the DS-600. The camera will record the video just fine, and the related video file contains all necessary frames. However, when reviewing the data/video in Dewesoft's "analyse", the video will only advance to show a new frame every ~0.01 sec.

To localize our issue, we ran a quick camera test on X3 SP1 (64 bit) with the newest 64 bit GIGE drivers/filters. During this test, the camera was set to 400fps. Performance monitoring showed that the camera maintained 400fps for the duration of the test and the saved AVI file properly contains 400 frames per second (checked with numerous video editors). Unfortunately, while analyzing the data file with Dewesoft, we can't actually see all 400 frames per second. I've attached 3 quick screen shots of this test to better illustrate. The first screen shot shows frame #291 taken at *.7850 seconds. At 400fps, I should be getting a new camera frame every 0.0025 seconds, but the next two images show that the frame won't advance until *.7950 seconds, where it finally jumps forward 4 frames. This same issue appears to occur with ANY frame rate setting higher than 100 fps.

Again, our data files seem correct, and the video files seem correct. Is this just a limitation in the way dewesoft plays back data files?


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DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 13.03.2018 10:15


if the camera is not triggered by DEWESoft hardware the frames are asynchronous and it is also possible that multiple frames have the same timestamp.
Do you maybe have a chance connecting DEWE-43 or Sirius to this system and use the trigger option?

Here is also a manual for the DS-CAM 600.

Robert Bailey

Posted on 13.03.2018 23:01

I knew that the frames would be asynchronous, and not necessarily perfectly aligned. We were just surprised that the video was still capturing at ~400fps, but we couldn't see all of the frames in analyse. The timestamp issues makes perfect sense on why this is the case though.

We confirmed that while triggering with a Dewe-43, everything works perfectly. Thanks for the help!


Shaun Maconaghy

Posted on 17.09.2018 13:42

@Robert Bailey I recently used the DS-CAM 600 for the first time and had the same issue you describe above. The camera was run through a minitaur for recording, but I did not use any triggering. Did you simply setup a keyboard trigger to start recording? If so, did each frame have its own timestamp and you could view frame by frame in analysis mode? My data looks like packets of information; 3-5 frames all have the same timestamp. When the view mode is selected as "film" and I view 9 frames at once I can scroll through and see all the frames. However when only viewing a few frames at a time and try to scroll it skips frames.

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