CAN J1939 broadcast?

Pasi Manner

Posted on 08.08.2012 13:49
Hi, Has anyone tried to broadcast J1939 messages to a diesel engine controller, using the CAN out plugin? I'm trying to control the engine speed (and other engine controls) through CAN. I've already looked at the CAN output help document, but I think I need a example setup in order to understand the control.
Pasi Manner

Posted on 13.08.2012 08:34
Found the "+Tx" button on the CAN config page. After pressing that everything was way more clearer (imported all the details from a dbc file). Got it working decently after updating to Dewesoft 7.0.5 RC (7.0.4 broadcast rate too low). As a record I'm using Dewe-43.
DEWESoft Administrator
Latin America Regional Manager
Posted on 13.08.2012 12:48
7.0.4 has very limited implementation of the transmit in CAN, so using latest 7.0.5 is the right way to go. The official release of 7.0.5 is very close, so there should be no problem using the RC version.
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