Can I use Math to control AO from an Analog In channel instead of Alarms??

Kyle Nordick

Posted on 23.02.2016 02:58


1.) Setup

I am currently using a Siriusi Slice with AO, DO, AI and DI channels. I am controlling the an electrically controlled hydraulic directional valve to stroke and de-stroke load sensed piston pump to cycle hydraulic accumulators between 2000 and 300 psi.

I am using a pressure traducer to read manifold pressure to and use that reading to turn on on and off a relay to shift the solenoid. I am using one analog in and 2 alarms to turn two set 2 digital outputs to either one or zero. Then based off of the that value I turn one the analog out to 10 votls on and the other to off. I am using 2 alarms to one turn one or the other DO on/off. I am using 2 alarms so that I can overlap the time that the AO is on to reduce the cycle time. I am using real time in the performance menu with AO set to a .1 second buffer with 1% to minimize response time.

2.) Question:

a.) I do not want to use alarms because I wold like to use them to set up email alerts if my test stand has an issue.

b.) Can I use math channels to do the same. I have tried this method without success.....

3.) Attachments:

a.) Picture of performance settings

b.) I have attached my setup file and would appreciate any help.



Anže Baš
Software Test Engineer I
Posted on 23.02.2016 13:48


I attached a setup created in simulation mode that should reproduce the alarm channels using math. For the test input channel I used an user inputs channel. In math I wrote all the conditions from the alarms using if sentences (Cond 1, cond 2, stop cond, ...) and then using one long if function I got the output for each alarm. You need to move the controler of the control channel slowly around the condition, because I only gave +/-10 psi tolerane around the condition and control channel change is instant (so we can detect the change). Please check the attached setup and if there need to any corrections to it or if you have any questions please let me know.

Best regards,

Anže Baš

Attached files:
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