CAN .dbc

Stefan Jaik

Posted on 11.12.2013 07:18
We have a CAN-Bus setup - Dewesoft is used for visualisation of 100+ Channels. The .dbc changes frequently, where only 2-3 Channels have changes names/scaling. Is it possible to keep the digital-meter allocation and settings for unchanged chanels in Measurement-Setup when a new version of the .dbc is loaded? 
Marjan Grilj

Posted on 11.12.2013 08:14
Hello Stefan,

There is an additional marge option added in DEWESoft version X1/7.1.1 build 224+. Hitting DBC library "Import" button opens dialog if messages already exist. Selecting new signals from DBC will replace existing signals (just properties read out of DBC will change) if they match.

Match has two options:
-ArbID + name
-ArbID + signal bits used

It works for both "Delete previous" and "Keep previous" option. The difference is that after merge, "Delete" option will delete all signals which don't exist in new loaded DBC, "Keep" option will leave them in the setup.

Best regards
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