Craig Brewer

Posted on 24.02.2016 15:55

Even though storing is set to slow, DEWESoft will acquire the data with full speed, calculate the minimum, maximum, average and RMS for this time interval and store only these values.

How does Dewesoft calculate the min, max, avg., and rms for the specified time intervals? What happens to the full speed data?

Aljaž Kropivšek
Senior Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 04.03.2016 09:21

Dewesoft calculates min, max, avg., and RMS values for the specified time interval and places the calculated values on the beginning of that time interval on the time axis, e.g. if the time interval is set 2 seconds, then the values with time stamp 0 are calculated from the time interval [0, 2), the values with time stamp 2 from the interval [2, 4) and so on.

The full speed data is used for the online calculations and then discarded. This way all the calculations are done at full sample rate to achieve the best possible precision and from these data the min, max, avg., and RMS values are then stored into the data file.

I hope this is the information you were looking for.

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