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Edward Sciberras

Posted on 18.04.2017 16:01

I have set up a channel to measure "angle" as physical quantity. This then gives the option to calculate velocity and acceleration straight from the channel setup. In the velocity setup screen (see picture), there is the option to "filter high frequencies". However the "Fhigh" limit is greyed out and only the FLow is available. When calculating the velocity from a derviative/integration Math channel, the Fhigh limit is available when the "filter high frequencies" option is ticked. Am I missing something or should the frequency limits be swapped in the channel setup?

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Pablo Jorge

Posted on 24.04.2017 12:56

I have notice exactly the same.

However when you use the deviration from math this not happens

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 26.04.2017 13:24


this also seems like a bug to me, thank you for the report. I'll update you when I get some feedback from the developers.

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 26.04.2017 16:20


our developer has made the adjustment so that the channel setup derivation will look exactly like the one in the math module (you'll be able to adjust the Fhigh). The update has been added to the SP10 branch, so you'll be able to use it when X2 SP10 RC14 gets uploaded to our downloads section.

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