Bulk Export of Multiple Tests to CSV

Adam Jefferies

Posted on 21.09.2017 15:59


Is it possible to perform a bulk export of multiple files to a single CSV (text) file?

Tests are carried out by recording force in N and deflection in mm against time in 0.1s intervals.

The single excel export creates a file with these above 3 fields of data populated.

As these tests are carried out at 50 locations and each location is tested 16 times this creates 800 separate files.

It would be useful if a bulk export could be carried out giving an additional 2 fields of "Location Number" and "Testing Round" (these parameters are recorded during the test and displayed in the header block of the individual export) with all of the test data stitched together.

The data would then be uploaded to Microsoft Access, Minitab or other suitable software.

Can this be done?

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 02.10.2017 08:02


unfortunately a feature like this is currently not supported. Every file will get exported separately into its own file (or even more depending on the triggers), and you can't append data to already existing files.

I'm afraid your only option is to create some sort of custom script that would merge all of your data together.

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