Best way to import CAN message details for setup

Phil Gooch

Posted on 17.01.2017 22:28

A partner company supplies CAN details to us in an excel sheet which, I currently go through manually to add the message details into DeweSoft. Attached is a sample of the information they send us but some projects have 70 lines which takes a long time and is prone to errors during setup.

What's the best way to import this information?

There is of course the XML import tool but how do I go from excel to XML?

An Excel import feature would be a great addition for a future version of Dewesoft

Luka Jerman
Software Engineer II
Posted on 20.01.2017 09:09

Hello Phil,

The excel files that you are provided with are something that isn't standardized or common with CAN. Therefore it is a small probability that the import of this files is going to be included in future versions of DEWESoft. DEWESoft offers two ways of CAN message/channel import:

- .dbc files this files are common with CAN networks, DEWESoft is able to read them and generate CAN messages and channels,

- .xml files this are DEWESoft specific they also store DEWESoft specific CAN settings and can also define messages that can be transmitted from DEWESoft.

We would suggest that you ask the supplier if they are able to supply you with a .dbc file that can be directly imported.

Please let us know if this is possible or not...we are available for additional help.


Luka Jerman

Kjell Nilsson

Posted on 06.05.2018 08:27

Hello Luka

Why are dbc file export not included in X3 dewesoft ? Now there is not easy to export CAN transmit setup from dewesoft to other system as the onlu export file type that is possible in dewesoft is XML and other system require dbc file type.
Hoe can I manage this problem ?
Best Regards Kjell

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