Basic maths problem

Phil Gooch

Posted on 14.09.2016 08:07

I have a massive data file which I have cut down significantly for this upload. We have 4 inclinometers attached to vehicle suspension arms and have carried out a ride performance test, from this we now have the suspension arm angles throughout the test.

We know the deflection rate of the suspension so we can calculate the theoretical wheel load based on the starting load, the starting angle and the current angle.

However, it seems that either I or DeweSoft cant do basic maths.

In my attached file we have defined the start angle and start load as values in formula:

  • Rear right start angle = 20 (below horizontal)
  • Rear right start load = 250

Our inclinometer is reading the current arm angle "Rear right" = 22.16748

So, to calculate the arm deflection we simply do 20 - 22.16748 = -2.16748

We have created a formula for "Rear right deflection" as 'Rear Right start angle'-'Rear Right'

For the same values as our example above, Dewesoft gives the result as -1.8175 which, is incorrect.

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DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 14.09.2016 08:54


we have checked the data file and as it looks the value of "Rear Right start angle" is actually 20,35.

The decimal places on the digital meter can be increased with the "+" button like on the picture bellow.

Matthias Ammann

Posted on 14.09.2016 08:59


your rear right start angel is 20.35 and not 20.00.

Change the resolution of your display to manual with 4 trailing numbers.



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Phil Gooch

Posted on 15.09.2016 00:26

Thanks, well spotted.

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