Automation Using Matlab

Axel Bomhauer-Beins

Posted on 23.11.2011 13:20
Dear all, I would like to use the DEWE-5000 oscilloscope for automatic testing. That means that the oscilloscope shall be fully remote controlled by MATLAB running on another computer. Until now, I was able to estlablish a connection to DEWETRON using following MATLAB sequence: ACTX = actxserver('Dewesoft.App', 'machine', ''); ACTX.Init; ACTX.Enabled = 1; ACTX.Visible = 1; ACTX.Top = 100; ACTX.Left = 100; ACTX.Width = 1024; ACTX.Height = 768; ACTX.SetInstrument(1); ACTX.ShowStyle = 2; Performing this sequence, I succeeded in starting up DEWEsoft at DEWE-5000; a sequence to quit I found as well. Now I am trying to perform very basic actions like scaling time- and y-axis, setting an auto-trigger etc. using the ACTX handler in MATLAB. Unfortunately, I did not find any working command in order to do this. Especially I am irritated that the command ACTX.SetScopeParams(0, 0, IChannel, 0) - where IChannel = ACTX.Data.Used.Item(0); and AI0 has a sin at the input - as documented in the DCOM reference on pgs. 62 and 121 gives the error "??? No method 'SetScopeParams' with matching signature found for class 'COM.Dewesoft_App'." I now wonder: Is it actually possible to fully remote control the DEWE-5000 via MATLAB? And if yes: Where can I find a more detailed manual on the commands and their way of use? I would be very grateful for any constructive answer. Best regards, Axel
Dewesoft Developer

Posted on 24.11.2011 10:32
Dear Axel, I have crated a demo file for you how this should work. Also I have a few questions and I can see a mistake in your code. Can you please contact us on the support mail (, so we can send you test files and help you with the other issues. Best regards, Tilen.
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