Automatic scaling errors when using the DSI-V-200 adaptors

A Sam

Posted on 07.02.2017 18:36


Noticed an intermittent failure that started occurring during my last DAQ survey. The speed and P_S values as shown in the picture started changing automatically during a stop and start of a file. The scaling did not fail during a recording. see comments/questions in the picture attached.



Attached files:
Aljaž Kropivšek
Senior Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 22.02.2017 14:47

Hello Sam,

is there any chance you could give us data files in which both issues can be seen?

If not, please let us know more about the system, especially the DEWESoft build number, a few screenshots of each channels' setup before and after the values start failing and the values before and after.

Thank you,


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