AstroMed plugin

Chris Ludlow

Posted on 29.03.2017 16:43

1) Is it possible to print time output along with the channels being printed?

2) Is it possible to print an FFT or STFT channel?

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 06.04.2017 08:09


1. The time is printed on the right border of the paper. It is not possible to print analog channel on time on single channel.
Could you maybe describe the use case?

2. Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Chris Ludlow

Posted on 12.04.2017 18:30

Thank you for your response on #2. I understand the complexities of trying to send this type of display to be printed.

For #1, I have time working now, there was a problem with our AstroMed printer and that has been resolved.

Is it possible to add an interval for how often we'd like the time stamp to be printed? It prints once a second, but having the option to print it more frequently, say every 10ms would be very valuable.

Also very valuable would be a way to save the channels selected for printing within the DXS. So when we open a different DXS, that setup could be assigned a different set of printed channels that correlate to that particular setup.

jac peter

Posted on 28.11.2018 20:35

Yes, I have also faced the problem that it is not possible to print the analog channel on time on single channel. But if you go through the link: it will be clear what is the reason behind it.

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