Analog Out with Sequencer

Kevin Read

Posted on 10.10.2016 15:34


Im currently working on a project using the sequencer and analog out. I'm having a hard time linking my sequencer to my analog out ports to provide a 10v output to my relays to control my testing of Leaf springs.

Sequence is - load setup- Load measure screen- If statement*Are you ready to start* - On yes Id like it to send a positive 10Vs to my relay allowing my air cylinder to apply pressure on my leaf spring Until my load cell measures approx 2800 pounds. If 2800 pounds is reached i need it to turn of the 10vs signal to that relay and signal the other relay with 10vs to cycle the cylinder in the reverse until the load cell reads approx 500 pounds. and Repeat this process until I tell it to stop...

Any help would be great.

Do i need to do this is in math calculation's with triggers and alarms and then link them to the sequencer???

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 11.10.2016 06:08


I've attached an example setup and sequence file that should be able to execute the functions that you've described above (of course by reassigning the calculations to the correct channels). I've tested it by connecting the analog output back to the analog input to make sure that the signal was there. I wasn't measuring a pressure signal, but was using a manual trigger instead. Those are called user input channels, which can be manually set during the measurement.

I'm not sure where exactly you were facing the problem, but you can set analog out channels by first enabling them in the setup file, and choosing a "manual" input type. Then they can be set to any value with the calculation block in the sequencer. If there are still any unclear things just write me back and I'll be sure to help you out.

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Kevin Read

Posted on 11.10.2016 16:48

Thank you for the help. I was able to see where i went wrong using your sequencer and made the changes to mine. It was the calculations Block that i couldnt figure out. But I am able to get my 10v output to my relays and hopefully after some testing I'll be able to start taking data.

Thank you again

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