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Charles Avila

Posted on 29.04.2015 04:06

* Our customer is using the sequencer and would like to export to an excel spreadsheet that has already been setup in a defined template.

* How to use templates when exporting data files to excel?
- Unfortunately, the manual is not clear about how to create a template in X2.

* Can you maybe send an example of a template to be used with .xls export?

* Can the global variables be removed from the hardware settings and be part of the test setup?
-I know they are stored in the test setup because of the import function, but it isn’t user friendly when changing computers.

* Can the hold math and global variables show the change in their value in analysis mode?

- I know this isn't quite sequencer related, but the customer is using global variables as part of his setup in the sequencer

* Can the sequence “Export Data” action export “.txt” files?

-Currently the selection is “Text/CSV (*.txt, *.csv)”, but it export as “.csv”.

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 29.04.2015 07:58

Excel export: I made some screenshots on how to create and use an Excel template:

First create a template:

It looks like this after creating:

And then you can use it in the Export data block in a sequence:

If you already have a template prepared, it is best to first create a custom template in DEWESoft as shown above, and then replace the created template file (DEWESoft\System\X2\Scripts\UscriptXXXX.xltx) with your previously created template file.

Attached is also a zip file with excel template and .xps file, which DEWESoft uses to know which files to use and what template name to show. It is a text file so you can open and manually edit it with Notepad.

Global variables: I completely agree with you about this not being user friendly. Unfortunately, they cannot be removed from hardware settings as they are a part of the project settings and stored in the project file. So the alternative (not user friendly :) is to also take the project file with you when you take a setup file to another computer.

For the global variables to change the value in analysis mode, you have to set their type to Async instead of the the default single value:

A formula containing hold should already be set to sync type, but if it is not just change to it manually:

export to txt: you can do this by first exporting a file to .txt in analysis - this sets the default file type for text export to .txt. You can also set the file name in Export data block manually to "SomeName.txt":

or even use the Calculation block to create a filename of your choice:

Attached files:
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