Access violation error 1

Jeff Lesher

Posted on 12.12.2012 18:08
Hello, I'm getting a "dewesoft !!error!!: Access violation at address 008C600B in module 'dewesoft.exe'. rear of address 0000000" This is on a minitaur. I started testing this morning everthing was running fine other than the wireless was a little slow. I restarted the minitaur and have gotten this error message since that re-start. I'm in the middle of testing and unable to finish since dewesoft is down. thanks for the support
Marjan Grilj

Posted on 04.10.2013 06:30
Hello Jeff,

I am sorry for late response, i am sure that problem was resolved long ago.

General rule in case of issues is to contact Dewesoft Support mail and to include detailed description of a problem. That's how problem is solved fastest.

Best regards 
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