4-camera limitation??? X3 wont display a 5th webcam

Lemmy Atom

Posted on 04.11.2019 23:35

I have five identical Logitech USB webcams plugged into the PC running Windows7 (each into their own USB port). X3 recognizes all five cameras in the camera options list, and clicking the "Setup" of each one shows the live video feed.

However, when I add 5 camera frames to the main acquisition window, only 4 will display video. The 5th one shows up blank with "NO VIDEO" in the box. If I "Un-use" one of them from the list, the 5th one will appear. So its clearly a limitation of no more than 4 cameras. Is this a Windows limitation or a software limitation? I was under the impression there was no limit to how many cameras you could run, provided I have stable USB inputs for each.

Primoz Lapi
Customer Support Engineer
Posted on 05.11.2019 07:29


this is not limitation of Dewesoft because we have tested it also with 8 cameras.

Sometimes the camera driver has limitation of how many cameras can work simultaneously.

You can also try running all cameras using VLC player and if also in that software won't work, then the driver must be the issue.

In this case you can try updating the driver. Sometimes it is also possible to use the Windows default driver.

Can I ask which cameras are you using?