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Helmut O'Brian

Posted on 30.05.2017 12:05

Hello DEWESoft,

Still another question about generating XML setup file.

For some tag like "Slot", you have to provide an "Index" for the channel or variable linked to the slot.

How is defined / calculated the text and values inside this tag ?

For example :

<Slot Index="21">




<Description>Status espace disque dur dispo</Description>





Do you have an idea ? Is it possible to know what the ; seperated values mean and how to get them ? like 7000 ? and 2 and 0 ?

Thanks a lot !

Have a nice day !

Helmut O'Brian

Posted on 30.05.2017 12:36


Helmut O'Brian

Posted on 30.05.2017 13:52

Ok I found this in an old XML documentation file ( ) :

"To add a channel to this calculation, it must be start with brackets, then the keyword Ch, then with the index and with ending bracket. Please refer to Index keyword in OutputChannel section of this manual. Examples for AI0:'Ch;1;0' or example for PAD module in slot 1 - Ch3: 'Ch;1000;0;1;3'.",

It is clear for AI0 (slot 1, channel 0) but for PAD module (slot 1, channel 3) and where does the 1000 and 0 come from ? 'Ch;1000;0;1;3'

Thanks !

Helmut O'Brian

Posted on 30.05.2017 13:56

Okay... I digged into documentation, found out :

"Description: Each channel has an index to which it is referenced by displays. The index is fixed and must follow certain rules.

The first level defines the channel group. For example analog inputs must have first level 1 and then the channels in order 1;0 1;1 1;2 and so on. The best way to find the index of certain channel is to save XML setup and look at indexes of certain channels.

Please note that it is not needed to write this field when creating offline setup. It is only needed when referencing the channel (for example from formula).

The first level of index is often written as the alias name to define the group. Here is the list of groups with their aliases and names:

AI ... 1

DI ... 100

CNT ... 200

PAD ... 1000

CAN ... 2000

GPS ... 4000

Math ... 7000

Plugins ... 100000

Remote ... 102000

AO ... 200000

Variables ... 600000

Video ... 700000"

Now it is clear !

Sorry for disturbing :D

DEWESoft Support
Technical support
Posted on 31.05.2017 05:43


it's ok :). Also, thanks for letting us know that you were able to find an explanation on your own. The same 1 to 70000 group index list can also be found here:

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